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A Guide to Tankless Water Heaters in Time for the Back-to-School Season

Tankless Water Heaters Explained

Many homes rely on a traditional storage tank water heater to supply their homes with hot water to meet the demands of everyday living. Washing dishes, cleaning clothes, and taking hot showers are all made possible by hot water heaters. But these days, traditional storage tank water heaters aren’t the only ones in the game. Tankless water heaters are fast becoming a popular alternative. But what exactly is a tankless water heater? How does it work, and why is it becoming the preferred option for many homeowners?

Not Your Usual Water Heater

water heaterWhile traditional storage water heaters have large storage tanks that hold many gallons of water at a time, tankless water heaters, as their name suggests, do not use a large storage tank. It does away with the storage tank and supplies hot water only as needed, preventing the need to keep a big tank of water hot. 

Tankless water heaters heat water quickly and only for how long hot water is needed. Once the shower or tap is turned off, the tankless water heater will turn off, only to turn on again when hot water is required. This is why it is also called a demand type or instant water heater - for its ability to supply hot water instantly without needing to have it stored and on standby.

Tankless Water Heater Operation

A tankless water heater only heats water on demand as it is being used, providing an endless hot water supply. This is in contrast to a traditional tank water heater, which stores hot water in a tank. When the tank runs out of hot water, households must wait for the tank to be replenished with hot water. Tankless water heaters are also more energy efficient than traditional storage water heaters because they only heat the water being used, which saves money on energy costs.

A tankless water heater works by using a flow sensor to detect when water is flowing through the unit. When the flow sensor detects water flow, it sends a signal to the water heater's control board that the water needs heating. The control board then turns on the water heater's burner or heating element, depending on whether the system is electric or gas-powered, which heats the water as it passes through the unit. The hot water is then dispensed to the fixture that needs it. 

Advantages of an Instant Hot Water Heater 

sinkA storage water heater may be the norm in many households nationwide, but tankless water heater installation is on the rise. It is quickly gaining popularity as an alternative method of heating water for use at home due to its many benefits, prompting many who are considering water heater replacement to swap their traditional water heaters for the tankless kind.

Because it does away with the need for a large storage tank, tankless water heaters provide an unlimited supply of hot water and are much smaller and more compact, benefiting homes where space may be limited. They are also more energy efficient than traditional storage water heaters, saving homeowners money on energy bills.

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