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Solving Sewer Line Problems With Hydrojetting

How Does Hydrojetting Help?

Sewer line clogs are a problem that nearly everyone will have to deal with at some point. When sewer lines clog, it can cause nasty backups of sewage into bathtubs and toilets and soil the yard in human waste. Dealing with sewer line clogs has always been an issue, and up until recently, the best way to clear it was to use a drain auger. But now, a better and more efficient way exists. 

Hydro jetting is the latest innovation in sewer and drains cleaning. A hydro jet is a machine that uses high-pressure water to blast through sewer line clogs and scrub off the build-up of grime on the inside of pipes. It works by feeding a high-pressure hose into a clogged line. At the leading end of the hose, a special nozzle shoots water forward to cut through clogs and sideways in all directions to push debris out of the way and off the pipe walls. Once the clog is removed, the entire sewer main line will flow freely, just as well as the day it was installed. 

Hydro jetting is great for keeping drain lines flowing, whether or not they have gotten completely clogged. They can also be used to prevent clogs from forming. Here are the most common causes of sewer line clogs that hydro-jetting is used to remedy.  

Removes Tree Roots

treerootsTree roots commonly cause sewer line clogs, especially in homes with older plumbing. Tree roots lie beneath the yard's surface and send out roots in search of moisture and nutrients, which attracts them to underground plumbing. When tree roots break into sewer lines, they find an ample supply of both. 

Once tree roots are inside a pipe, they continue to grow, slowly blocking the flow through the line. First, homeowners may notice slow flushes or draining. Eventually, the roots will need to be removed to avoid a complete sewage backup. 

Hydro jetting is effective at removing tree roots because the delicate feeder roots of the tree stand no chance against the powerful cutting action of the hydro jet. Once the hydro jetting head reaches the tangle of tree roots, they are easily broken up and washed down the pipe. 

Blasts Off Grease 

greaseIn case anyone missed the memo: never put cooking grease or oil down the drain. Cooking grease quickly hardens on the inside of pipes, where it restricts flow and grabs ahold of debris, causing a sewer line blockage. 

Hydro jetting is especially effective at opening up sewer lines that are clogged with grease. Unlike drain augers, the hydro jet blasts grime off the sides of the pipe and rinse it away. This makes it extremely effective at blasting through clogged pipes caused by hardened grease and preventing clogs when done preventatively. 

Pulverizes Non-Flushable Materials 

It's important only to flush toilet paper down a toilet and avoid materials that are not meant to be flushed. Flushing non-flushable materials, like paper towels or feminine hygiene products, can create a clog in the sewer line even if the toilet doesn't clog or seem to be having any problems. Hydro jetting can help remove these build-ups and get the sewer line flowing again.

Hydro jetting is an effective way to clear these kinds of clogs. Hydro jetting uses high-pressure water to break up the non-flushable materials and clear the clog. Drain augers can only agitate them and leave them in the pipe, not remove the clog. Wipes and other non-flushable materials tend to rest in the bottom of sewer lines instead of washing away to the sewer. As these materials sit in the bottom of the drain, they slow down the flow and lead to nasty clogs.  

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