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The Essential Guide to Drain Cleaning

What Is Involved in Drain Cleaning?

Clean and free-flowing drains are ideal for the health of a home’s drainage system. Anyone who has ever encountered slow-running drains or backed-up toilets knows how much of a hassle it is to have a clog cause havoc on the plumbing. To avoid these problems, homeowners must practice proper waste disposal, avoiding disposing of items notorious for blocking pipes in the drainage system - things like oil and grease, food waste, paper towels, wipes, and the like. 

There are, however, instances where clogs just become inevitable, in which case homeowners would do well to be informed about the signs to watch out for and what to do when their homes’ drainage system needs the help of a professional. So this post will discuss professional drain cleaning and signs that it’s needed. 

Signs a Home Needs Drain Cleaning

It is often relatively easy to tell if a home’s plumbing is still functional or needs a professional’s help. Some of the signs that point to the need for professional drain cleaning include the following:

  • Strange sounds and foul odors: Unusual gurgling noises and bad smells from drains strongly indicate that something is causing a blockage in a home’s drainage system. The gurgling noises may point to water and sewage trying to drain past a clog, while any foul smells could be due to sewage not being drained away from the house due to clogged pipes.
  • Backed-up drains and toilets: Any liquid or debris going back up through the drains is indicative of a significant blockage in the drainage system that is not allowing the substances to drain and instead causing them to back up. 
  • Slow drains and standing water: Drains that drain slowly or not at all, creating standing water, indicate a clog that needs professional drain cleaning.

The Drain Snake

snakingMany drain clogs can be easily dislodged using a drain snake or plumber’s snake. It is one of the oldest yet most effective methods to unclog pipes. Homeowners should avoid using store-bought drain cleaners as the chemicals they contain can damage the pipes and cause premature wear and tear. 

The drain snake is a long metal cable that comes in many lengths, the end of which has a corkscrew-shaped spring designed to break down stubborn clogs in the pipes. This method has been around for a long time and is preferred by plumbers for many clogs because it is generally safe and poses no risk of damage to the pipes being cleaned when operated correctly.

A Hydro Jet

hydro jettingSome clogs, however, are beyond the capability of a drain snake to clear, so plumbers often call upon a drain cleaning method called hydro jetting to clear blockages that a drain snake or auger cannot resolve. Hydro jetting works by deploying a steady stream of pressurized water into the affected pipes. 

The high pressure at which the water is sprayed is enough to clear even the most stubborn clogs, like those caused by tree roots. Though highly effective, hydro jetting isn’t always the best option as they risk damaging pipes that are frail and old or already damaged in the first place. A plumber can help determine if a home’s pipes can handle the water pressure of a hydro jet. 

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